Weight Loss Exercise Techniques to Get Fat Loss Results Quicker

Most people already understand that incorporating some type of weight loss exercise workout into their day will help promote a faster rate of fat loss, while also having a number of positive health benefits.

Some people, however, do not understand the best types of weight loss exercise programs that should be used, and thus, don’t maximize the results they see from the time they spend in the gym.

By gaining a better grasp over weight loss exercises that do deliver top notch results, you dramatically enhance the results you’ll receive through doing them.

Here are the big factors to consider.

Weight Loss Exercise #1: Interval Cardio

When it comes to performing cardio training as part of your overall weight loss workout program, high intensity sprints really are the best way to go.


They will ramp up your metabolic rate, causing you to burn more calories while you sit on the couch later that evening. Since you spend about 23 hours of the day out of the gym and 1 hour of the day in the gym, the more you can increase the number of calories those other 23 hours, the better chance you stand at seeing a good rate of weight loss.

Weight Loss Exercise #2: Compound Movements

Next, the second thing you’ll really want to focus on with regards to weight loss exercise is compound movements. by these, I’m referring to weight lifting exercises that will target the greatest number of muscle fibers at once, showing you the greatest calorie burn and fitness enhancement.

They include the squat, deadlift, bent over row, shoulder press, and chest press.

Do these much more often than you do other movements like bicep curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, and other exercises that really only target one or two smaller muscle groups.

Weight Loss Exercise #3: Higher Rep Ranges

Finally, the third thing you should be doing with your weight loss exercise program to get better results is working in the higher rep ranges.

The higher rep range will use up more muscle glycogen as well as create a higher calorie burn for the workout. One thing to note though with this is that you do not want to be using a rep range so high that you actually start being unable to lift heavy.

You still need to be able to lift with a weight that’s challenging you, so don’t take rep ranges any higher than 12.

So, keep these factors in mind in order to incorporate the best weight loss exercise techniques into your workout program.