Does Cayenne Pepper Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a challenge that requires sacrifice and commitment. You may find yourself obliged to change your lifestyle in order to attain your perfect weight. You have to be physically active and pay attention to what you eat. Cayenne pepper is actually a natural weight loss herb that can help you lose weight. Without a doubt, you have already read somewhere that it can help you lose weight, but are you aware of how and why it can do that? Are you aware of all its benefits? Do you have any idea if cayenne pepper has side effects? Do you know how to properly use cayenne pepper? In this article, we will give you an answer to all these questions.

What is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper belongs to the nightshade family, its scientific name is Capsicum Annuum, and it is available in many types that differ in degree of hot taste. It is worth noting that hot pepper is used as one of the types of spices, and it can be cooked, dried, and used as a powder.

Cayenne pepper has many benefits besides those of weight loss. It can help cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and digestion issues.

By consuming cayenne pepper, you help your body become healthier in different aspects.

The Properties and Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers have an ingredient that is linked directly to weight loss, and that ingredient is capsaicin. Researchers believe that this chemical helps to speed up the metabolism process and reduce or fill the appetite and thus giving a feeling of satiety. So what are the most important properties of cayenne pepper for weight loss?

It Reduces the Desire to Eat

In 2014, one study that attempted to explain the effect of cayenne peppers for weight loss showed that eating cayenne pepper in every meal increases the feeling of satiety and fullness. The results of the same study also indicated that including capsaicin in your diet could help reduce appetite and desire to eat.  (1).

It Speeds Up Your Metabolism

In another study, it was found that eating fresh cayenne peppers helped raise the metabolism rate of a group of women after 30 minutes of eating it. The body then starts using the nutrients it receives as an energy source instead of storing them in the body fat. (2)

The potential of another food ingredient called Dihydrocapsiate to increase metabolism had been proven in a study that was conducted around 2010. It was found to have a high metabolism rate of about 50 calories for people who took it for a duration of one month; it is a substance similar to capsaicin found in cayenne peppers.

It Helps Burn Extra Calories

Cayenne pepper is widely believed to help burn calories because it is spicy. When the temperature of the body is raised to a certain level, the calories start burning in order to cool it off. This is done by burning the fats in order to create energy for the body and thus significantly contributing to weight loss.

A reliable 2011 study found that people who do not like to eat spicy food could benefit from the weight loss benefits of chili through the consumption of cayenne capsules. (3)

Helps with Athletic Performance

Exercise is very important when it comes to weight loss. You have probably found plenty of products claiming they can help you without exercise, we assure there are no such products and cayenne peppers alone does not help. It is mandatory to exercise and stick to a good diet.

A study published in 2016 shows that capsaicin fights fatigue and improve your overall exercise performance. The same study showed that capsaicin also strengths endurance and makes muscles stronger. (4)

Taking cayenne peppers will help you perform better and resist fatigue, two things that can aid you significantly in the fight against fat. Consider this as an indirect factor that helps with weight loss. Thanks to cayenne peppers, the body will burn more calories and makes the weight loss process easier.

How to Take Cayenne Pepper

You can add cayenne pepper to your diet in several ways. You can add it to all your dishes but it will be difficult for you if you take it on daily basis. If you don’t like the spicy flavor on your food, try to get cayenne pepper as powder add it to water, juice, or protein shakes. Start with small doses, we recommend 30 grams of cayenne pepper or 2 grams if you decide to go with dried cayenne pepper. This amount will suffice and will provide all the benefits we listed above.

For people who do not like the taste of cayenne pepper, try it add to another tasty dish to conceal its taste as much as possible. You can add a small amount to your soup or curry. If you want to respect the amount of cayenne you add to your diet, try capsaicin supplements. There are both tinctures and capsules so you can choose what suits you best. However, you should keep in mind the dosage. If you decide to go with tinctures, then from 0.3 millimeters to 1 millimeter three times a day would suffice. If you decide to go with capsules, they range from 40 to 130 milligrams per capsule, take them from 1 to three times a day.

If you like to get creative, add cayenne pepper to your infusions. One small spoon of cayenne pepper in each cup of water. You can do this a few times a day depends on how much you tolerate the spicy taste.

Keep in mind that taking a big dose can result in pain in your throat or nose, it can also cause eye irritation, therefore, it is recommended to start with small doses of cayenne pepper and increase the dose gradually.

Potential Side Effects of Cayenne Peppers

Eating cayenne peppers can have some side effects, so it is not suitable for everyone. Here is a list of people who should avoid taking cayenne pepper:

  • People who take medicines that slow blood clotting.
  • People who will undergo surgery.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • If you are taking a medicine containing theophylline.
  • People who take high blood pressure medicine.

Of course, you should avoid excessive consumption of cayenne peppers, or use them for long periods of time, nor should they be given to children. Always start with a low dose until you are sure of the way your body responds to it in order to avoid any health problems.


The weight-loss benefits of cayenne peppers can only be talked about when they are included as part of a balanced diet in parallel with regular physical activity.

Taking cayenne pepper alone will not cause significant weight loss. Try to include other weight loss methods in your path of losing weight. Make sure you drink a lot of water, and consider adding natural keto weight loss supplements to your regimen as well.

You must maintain your cayenne pepper intakes moderated because it may irritate your stomach, especially when taking large doses, and remember that taking chili peppers alone will not cause significant weight loss as stated earlier. Always remember to stay hydrated.

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