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Cassidy Duffield – On a Mission

  2014 American Weightlifting Champion  Cassidy Duffield is on a mission towards the 2017 Games. This 3x time Regional Games athlete has contended with a lot of adversity but continues to work towards her ultimate goal.    


Poised for Greatness – Team M6’s Sigmundsdottir & Mayer Rock at the Dubai Fitness Championships

Team Mission 6 athletes Sara Sigmundsdóttir of Iceland and Travis Mayer of Alpharetta, GA competed in a series of 12 events followed by a 3-part final this past Wednesday through Saturday at the Dubai Fitness Champioships. Going into Dubai, Sigmundsdóttir, fresh off a Team Europe win at the recent CrossFit Invitational in Canada, was one of the favorites to win. Mayer was looking to build upon the momentum from his 10th place finish at the 2016 CrossFit Games. (more…)


M6 KNOWLEDGE BOMB – Cluster Dextrin® Increases Time to Exhaustion in Elite Athletes

By Daniel Pierce If you haven’t heard by now, Cluster Dextrin® (highly branched cyclic dextrin) is a favorite among many experienced supplement users and for good reason. It supplies great steady-state energy, replenishes glycogen without spiking insulin levels, and clears the stomach faster than many other performance carbohydrate sources. Also, what’s helping it gain popularity in elite trainer and athlete communities is the continuing body of positive research that is continually growing. (more…)