At the 2016 Games we noticed something was missing in the fitness community. From that point on we knew we could make a difference. That’s why Mission 6 was created.

We knew we could fuel them better than anyone else and it’s our mission to help every single one of our athletes to make the 2017 Games and beyond. Their mission is our mission.

It isn’t just about supplements. It’s about community wide results.

Your mission is our mission.


M60 With Brent Fikowski – Box Jump Positioning

  Team Mission’s Brent Fikowski takes some time out from his busy training schedule to drop some knowledge bombs about the box jump. We all know it will be used in the open so be prepared and know what box jump technique will work for you!   Glycobomb uses pure Cluster Dextrin as its sole carbohydrate source. This is what the best of the best use so learn more about this wonder carb now!  

Alexis Johnson – On a Mission

The Lady Misfit Alexis Johnson is on a mission towards the 2017 Games. Learn how this gymnast turned fitness phenom built her confidence heading into the 2016 Games and how it will propel her into 2017 Open and beyond. (more…)