M6 Knowledge Bomb: Open Prep Part II

M6 Knowledge Bomb: Open Prep Part II

 If you have read anything I have written or ever been to one of my seminars, you know that I firmly believe calorie/macro QUANTITY supercedes QUALITY, but by a VERY slim margin.

  This statement could not be any more true NOW, in open season.   One of the biggest mistakes I see very year before the open is the need to “diet.”

Everyone is going to “clean it up” and make sure they are eating “right” – whatever that means.   In this case, “eating right” typically means switching current “less clean” carb sources for things like fruits, vegetables, or even sweet potatoes – paleo food!

  The friday night cheat meals are reduced, and the chipotle trips are switched to a homemade bowl of meat and veggies, with half the rice.

While this is likely to yield weight loss, let’s look at it for what it really is – A CALORIC REDUCTION.

If you recall from the first blog on open prep, the open is 100% a time when RECOVERY needs to be prioritized.   And if you know anything about recovery, it does not happen optimally in a caloric deficit.

To be fair, I don’t think this is the time of year to “clean it up.”  The time to do this was a few months ago, when you went into the preseason phase of your nutritional periodization. Food for thought, huh? (yes, pun intended)

  Regardless of your current nutritional status, there are a few things we know about the open that can be maximized:   We know that the open is largely aerobic in nature.

Carbs will be a necessary part of your diet, so prioritize them as fuel within your macros – and yes, this may mean less fat in your diet.

Maximizing aerobic capacity can also be done through supplementation.  There is significant research to validate the efficacy of Citrulline and Cordyceps in resisting fatigue and increasing endurance.

Both ingredients can be found in THROWDOWN – the first supplement designed specifically for the needs of mixed modal athletes competing at the highest level.

We also know that this is one of the most Central Nervous System intensive times of year.  You are shifting from “training” to “competing” which yields far more sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system activity.   Because of this, post workout carbs are not only encouraged, but ESSENTIAL this time of year.

Depending on the athlete you are, you will need anywhere from 1:1 – 3:1 carb:protein ratio post workout.

This can be achieved using 1-3 scoops of GLYCOBOMB with 1 scoop of ISOBOMB.

Follow this up with a whole food, HIGH QUALITY, micro-nutrient dense meal about 60-90 minutes later, and you are well on your way to the aforementioned RECOVERY.

Let’s be honest – very few of us reading this are going to regionals or the games – but we absolutely want to rank higher than our friends on the leaderboard through the open.

Don’t overlook the simple fuel and recovery steps we have outlined – and from everyone at Mission6 – Have your best open ever!! #OnAMission

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