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Crossfit Infernal Is On a Mission

Crossfit Infernal’s 2017 South Regionals team is endorsed by Mission 6 Nutrition. As a partner Mission 6 gives back to them for their great support as one of their affiliate outlets. Watch this grueling training session with this promising team as they they throwdown during the prep. SHOW MORE

Corey Lunney – On a Mission

Team Mission 6’s Corey Lunney is a 3x Regionals level athlete who has his eyes set on making the 2017 CrossFit Games. Listen how this elite athlete has transitioned from high level college sports to being a box owner and an elite athlete. Simply the best pre-workout for functional fitness. LEARN MORE  

Mission 6 Careers: Social Media Intern Needed

Our team is growing because our brand is exploding! We are looking for a part-time intern to support our Social Media team for a three month internship beginning this March. This is not your “getting coffee and answering phones” kind of internship. We love for our interns to gain as much knowledge as they can from us and help them grow within their career aspirations! You will be working alongside seasoned social media and marketing experts to help develop the Mission [...]

M60 With Brent Fikowski – Box Jump Positioning

  Team Mission’s Brent Fikowski takes some time out from his busy training schedule to drop some knowledge bombs about the box jump. We all know it will be used in the open so be prepared and know what box jump technique will work for you!   Glycobomb uses pure Cluster Dextrin as its sole carbohydrate source. This is what the best of the best use so learn more about this wonder carb now!  

M6 Knowledge Bomb: Open Prep Part II

 If you have read anything I have written or ever been to one of my seminars, you know that I firmly believe calorie/macro QUANTITY supercedes QUALITY, but by a VERY slim margin.   This statement could not be any more true NOW, in open season.   One of the biggest mistakes I see very year before the open is the need to “diet.” Everyone is going to “clean it up” and make sure they are eating “right” – whatever that means. [...]